The Bear's Den - New Video Released about Grandparents Rights

August 10, 2015

BearPaw Media Productions has released a heartfelt new video, The Right to Love. The 20 minute documentary helps grandparents understand what options they have in order to remain connected with their grandchildren in government care.

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The Bear's Den - A New Hope for Parents with Children in Care

May 20, 2015

BearPaw Media productions has just released a new video on how Parents and Guardians can apply to terminate Permanent Guardianship Orders past 30 days.

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The Bear's Den - Child Apprehension Rights Card Released by BearPaw Education

May 14, 2015

A child apprehension is a difficult and stressful time for any family. Often, when these traumatic experiences occur, parents don't exercise their rights because they don't KNOW their rights. Order free Rights Cards for your community today from the BearPaw Education and Legal Resource Centre.

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