NCSA operates two minimum security healing lodges for Aboriginal offenders, the Stan Daniels Daniels Healing Centre (men) and the Buffalo Sage Wellness House. Both Stan Daniels and Buffalo Sage offer the successful In Search of Your Warrior program that addresses historic trauma issues in Aboriginal men and women.

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Stan Daniels Healing Centre

The Stan Daniels Healing Centre is a 72-bed facility that has both a Community Residential Facility and a Section 81 designation. Residents at the Centre are either conditionally released male offenders (day parole or full parole / statutory release with residency), or residents with inmate status. Learn More

Buffalo Sage Wellness House

Buffalo Sage Wellness House is a sixteen bed facility that houses both federally sentenced minimum security Section 81 female inmates and conditionally released offenders on day parole, statutory release with residency or full parole with residency. Learn More

Illustration depicting the In Search of your Warrior Program in The Outside Circle Learn More