Stan Daniels Healing Centre

The Stan Daniels Healing Centre is a 72-bed facility that has both a Community Residential Facility and a Section 81 designation. Residents at the Centre are either conditionally released offenders (day parole or full parole / statutory release with residency), or residents with inmate status.

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The effective operation of the Centre relies on the belief that Aboriginal offenders require specific programs to address their needs:

  • socially
  • educationally
  • emotionally
  • physically
  • spiritually


Residents of the Centre have the opportunity to influence their development by actively participating in the establishment of developmental goals. The Healing Centre staff provide guidance, support and supervision. Stan Daniels Healing Centre offers a variety of personal development programs that address issues of grief and loss, relationships, and violence.

Spiritual Development

Stan Daniels Healing Centre also provides opportunities for residents to learn from, mentor under and receive spiritual guidance from Elders while residing at the Centre.

Job Placement Services

Job Placement services conducted by the Centre’s Job Placement Coordinator provide supported job search and where needed, direct matching to a suitable job. Direct job matching can be done with the Job Placement Coordinator, employer bank or with employers from other sources, such as newspaper or online ads. Once a resident has gained employment, close contact is maintained through work site visits and regular dialogue with residents. The Job Placement Coordinator provides intensive support for both the resident and the employer, and assists residents with issues that may arise such as work ethics, conflict resolutions, work place problems, decision making, communication, stress management, team work, attitudes and maintaining a positive relationship with the employer.


In Search of Your Warrior

The In Search of Your Warrior Violent Offender Healing Program developed by Native Counselling Services of Alberta, this program has been recognized by the CSC (CSC) as an effective, Aboriginal specific program that addresses the needs of Aboriginal violent offender. It is grounded in a holistic Aboriginal philosophy: the belief that all things are connected and that for stainable change to occur, and individual must engage the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self in the changing/learning/healing process. The In Search if Your Warrior Program helps residents understand the effects of personal and historical trauma in the behavior and provides them opportunities to connect with their healing path.

The program has now been implemented in institutions in Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Quebec through a partnership between the Correctional Service of Canada and NCSA. The Stan Daniels Healing Centre has offered the program as both an “in-house” program during the winter, and in a “bush camp” format throughout the summer months. The women’s adaptation, “Spirit of A Warrior” is offered in institutions for women as well.

Family Life Improvement Program

This program is based upon the Aboriginal Traditional Life Skills model, specific to the needs to Aboriginal men. The program provides opportunities for participants to understand healthy emotions and feelings, human sexuality, addictive personalities, parenting skills, and healthy family relationships from an Aboriginal worldview perspective. This program is an effective primer for Aboriginal referral to psychologist as part of the personal development for participants.

Grief and Loss Program

The Grief and Loss program explores the many losses that occur within offender’s lives and the importance of grieving these losses within a healthy lifestyle. Participants begin by exploring the loss of significant people within their lives and the manner in which these losses occurred; including suicide, violent death and accidental death. Participants reflect upon how they have grieved these losses and identify how the grieving process has effected changes within their lives. The program also provides opportunities to look at other forms of loss including culture, freedom and first language. The program process allows participants to develop healthier means of releasing their grief and participate in a number of ceremonies and exercises designed to have emotional and spiritual release.

Relationships Program

This program challenges participants to reflect upon the relationship that they have in the if lives. These include: themselves (self –concept and self-worth); with their families of origin; and with significant others. Through the examination of these relationships, participants identify qualities in their partners that are supportive of a healthy lifestyle, look at potentially destructive behaviours and prevent them from finding happiness, then learn to build upon strengths they have identifies in themselves and others as a foundation in reaching their goals.
Acceptance and Transfer of Offenders to Stan Daniels Healing Centre

Applying for Residency at Stan Daniels

Offenders, who are interested in a Section 81 transfer to Stan Daniels Healing Centre, must begin the process by submitting a detailed letter to their Institutional Parole Officers, indicating the reasons for their request and what they hope to accomplish, if accepted. The Institutional Parole will then forward the offender’s request letter for a Section 81 transfer to the Executive Director of Stan Daniels Healing Centre.

The Executive Director directs the offender’s request to Stan Daniels Healing Centre’s Transfer Coordinator, who will complete a thorough file review to assess the offender’s risk and suitability for transfer to the healing Centre. During the file review phase, the healing centre’s Transfer Coordinator will consult with the offender’s Case Management Team, including the Elders, Aboriginal Liaison Officer and the Security Intelligence Officer. As part of the file review, the Transfer Coordinator will also conduct in person interviews or interviews Via Teleconference with the Offender and his Case Management Team.

Upon completion of the Offender’s file review, the Institutional Parole Officer will be provided with a written response regarding acceptance, deferral or denial from the Executive Director. Once the offender has been accepted for transfer to Stan Daniels Healing Centre, Institutional Parole will complete the required case preparation and forward the documents to CSC’s Regional Deputy Commissioner for the final decision.