The Home Fire Story

In 2012, NCSA was funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario to produce an evidence-based documentary on domestic violence, historic trauma and Indigenous people. The video - Home Fire –Ending the Cycle of Family Violence - premiered in Edmonton, Alberta on June 11, 2014 (the National Day of Healing and Reconciliation); ever since then, the response from the audience (Indigenous and government leaders, students and service providers) has been tremendous and people and organizations all over Canada has been using the resource as a training and education tool.

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Sharing Home Fire

After its premiere, 2,300 DVDs were printed and distributed to schools, correctional facilities, departments of government, First Nation communities and various other agencies and institutions across Canada. A French version was also made available to reach more viewers and over 200 copies have been distributed to French-speaking communities and organizations. However, the demand far outweighed the inventory, and another 1650 English language copies were duplicated and are beingdistributed throughout Canada.

The Training and Workshop Circuit

Home Fire has also become a key educational resource used by Dr. Patti LaBoucane-Benson in the historic trauma training sessions and conference keynotes presentations offered to 2000+ people across Alberta, the rest of Canada and even in Australia. Home Fire has proven to be an effective training tool for Judges, lawyers, service providers, as well as a cathartic resource for wellness/therapy/treatment programs. The video was also published online for free, all-access viewing on NCSA’s YouTube Channel.

Branching Out

In 2015, Home Fire was nominated for Best Documentary over 30 Minutes by the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association. The video was also included in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s permanent archives/records, as an outstanding resource on historic trauma and healing.

Below is one of dozens of emails NCSA’s received, praising the Home Fire video. It’s rewarding to note that the video has reached ‘the average Canadian’, not just those who have a vested/established interest in restorative justice.

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