Canadian Nelson Mandela Dialogues (NMD CAN '17)

Native Counselling Services of Alberta and the Enoch Cree Nation, supported by the Nelson Mandela Foundation (South Africa) and the Global Leadership Academy (Germany), and in partnership with the Edmonton Public Library will host the Canadian Nelson Mandela Dialogues (NMD CAN’17) on the Enoch Cree Nation, June 26-30, 2017.

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Goals and Objectives

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Nelson Mandela Dialogues

There have been two rounds of international dialogues over the past 4 years. Visit to learn more about the initiative.

The NMD CAN’17 will be structured as an innovation lab – an opportunity for 52 Canadian and international leaders to share experiences and expertise, reflect deeply and create networks and initiatives for change.

Transformation and Realization of Social Justice

Drawing on the expertise and methodology of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Global Leadership Academy, and in the context of the Enoch Cree Nation and the broader Canadian Indigenous experience, individuals will be brought together from across the country and around the globe to consider institutional transformation and the realization of social justice.

Dialogue without Formal Presentations

Unlike traditional workshops, seminars or conferences, the dialogue takes place without formal presentations. Rather, the content is created by the participants and enabled by a skilled team of facilitators. The process makes space for new perspectives, and enables profound reflection, experiential learning, and tangible action to empower participants to significantly further their work and that of their home organisations. The Mandela Dialogues are geared to promote and enable change.

Cree Ceremonies

The dialogues will also include Cree ceremonies as a profound opportunity for reflection, as well as a context for understanding healing and transformation. Ceremonies are planned and provided by the Enoch Cree Nation, as a part of the community’s annual culture camp.

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