Chief William (Billy) Morin IV, Enoch Cree Nation

Chief Billy Morin (Nahtokitopi – Rides a Sacred Horse) was newly elected to the responsibility of Chief in August 2015. Chief Morin is a fifth generation direct decedent of Chief Alexis Morin and fourth-generation decedent of his Son Chief William (Billy) Morin I. He shares two sons (William Morin V & Wilton Morin) with his wife Felecia.

Characterized by youth and education, Chief Morin is the youngest Chief in the modern history of Enoch Cree Nation. Having achieved a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Technology Management from NAIT; it is his hope that many youth of Enoch take a similar educational journey in order to better serve the Nation and its people. Championing Enoch Cree Nation’s new strategic direction – “Investing In Our Future To Protect Our Past”

Morin supports the following strategic priorities:

  • Creating a new governance structure away from the Indian Act towards sovereignty
  • Financial Transparency and Accountability
  • Long-term community planning in Land Use, Health, Housing and Infrastructure
  • Life Long learning and education as a primary value amongst membership
  • Traditional Cree Culture Language and Ceremony revival
  • Empowerment of Enoch’s people – moving them away from dependency

Dr. Allen Benson

Dr. Allen Benson, LLD is a member of the Beaver Lake First Nation. His life experience has fostered the development of strong family and community values: sharing, generosity and compassion for others which he has transformed into innovative service delivery, community-based action and a strong vision for the future of Aboriginal people. Mr. Benson has dedicated his life to advocating for the poor and disenfranchised and the actualization of healthy Aboriginal individuals, families and communities, both in Canada and internationally.

As the Chief Executive officer of Native Counselling Services of Alberta (NCSA), an agency that he has worked with for over 30 years, he has led NCSA in the development of many cutting edge programs for Aboriginal people, particularly in the areas of restorative and social justice, Aboriginal correctional services, health, housing, gang recruitment prevention/intervention and homelessness. He has also advanced the cause of Aboriginal control of community-based research and applied Aboriginal knowledge to current issues facing Aboriginal people.

Internationally, he works to achieve community-capacity building processes and structures to help Indigenous peoples to articulate and advance their visions for the future. While much of his work has focused on Aboriginal people, he also works tirelessly to use his experience and knowledge to develop the complementary partnerships that will create substantive change in both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community. His accomplishments have been marked in such past rewards as the Alberta Centennial Medal, the Paul Harris Fellowship, the Edmonton and International Rotary Integrity Award, the Alberta Aboriginal Role Model Award in Justice, the DreamSpeakers Walk of Fame and an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Alberta.