Aboriginal Parent Link Centre (Stony Plain)

The Aboriginal Parent Link Centre (APLC) in Stony Plain provides free programs for families that support parents in their role as their children’s first and most influential teachers.

Call (780) 963-5975 for more information

The Aboriginal Parent Link Centre offers free programs for families:

  • Cultural Sharing Circles
  • Parent Education
  • Family Support

Most program participants are families with children under six years of age. However, in response to local community needs, APLC also provides programs for teens and parents of older children. The centre offers programs related to parent education:

  • A-LAPS: Aboriginal Literacy and Parenting Skills [8 sessions 2 hours duration]
  • Triple P: Positive Parenting Program
  • Early childhood development (ASQ: Ages and Stages Questionnaire)
  • Family support (Sharing Circles, one-on-one support based on individual needs). P

Programs provide parents and children with cultural values and traditional teachings.

Other services offered by APLC include:

  • access to a resource library
  • the ability to borrow toys and games
  • weekly male and female talking circles
  • a Literacy Bus that is used to deliver programming for children for special events
  • Activities such as Aboriginal days and Lac St. Ann Pilgrimage