Family Reconciliation Program

The Family Reconciliation Program uses Circles to enable family, caseworkers and other professionals come together to talk to each other in a good way about the safety and well-being of children.

The purpose of the Circles is to focus on the needs of the children and to maintain and build connections to the child’s family, culture and community. Circles include family members and kin-like family who are connected to the child and family and feel responsible for the child’s care, as well as caseworkers and other professionals who can offer resources and supports to the family and the children.

Every Circle draws on the knowledge, skills, and strengths of individuals, and families, to listen to each other and develop plans for the safety and well-being of children and youth. Impartial NCSA Circle Facilitators ensure everyone is heard and guide the conversation to build relationships among Circle participants that are respectful, caring, and honest.

Elders are an important part of the Circle process and help keep a positive, respectful tone to the Circles.
The range of Circles offered include: Reconciliation Circles, Safety Planning Circles, Family Enhancement Circles Child Placement Circles, Pimatisiwin Circles (Seeking the Good Life):