Criminal Courtworkers

If you have been charged with a crime, an NCSA Courtworker can help you. They are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice but they can help guide you through the court process and connect you to resources in the community.

Contact a Courtworker

Our Courtworker services are status-blind and provided free of charge and include:

  • in-court client support
  • plain-language explanations of court procedures
  • translation services
  • entering pleas
  • speaking to sentence and adjournment
  • emotional support to clients throughout the court process.

We also provide numerous out-of-court services:

  • client intakes (interviews, needs assessments, documentation)
  • preparing cases, including documentation, statistics, court briefs and reports
  • providing information on the nature of specific charges, rights, court procedures, roles and responsibilities, court etiquette
  • assisting in accessing documented information
  • providing written submissions when speaking to sentence on behalf of accused
  • providing assistance with Legal Aid applications

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