Residential School Health Support

The Residential School Health Support Worker (RHSW) Program is open to any former Indian Residential School student and their family members regardless of their status or place of residence. The program provides emotional health and wellness support, including:

• Referrals to healing and wellness programs and supports
• Emotional support at community events
• Circle Facilitation
• Hearings as requested by Health Canada

Call (780)451-4002 to speak to a Support Worker


RHSW Workers perform the following work in the community:
• Provide information to schools, colleges,
and organizations about the impacts of
Indian Residential Schools
• Provide support within the educational system regarding Indian Residential Schools as its taught in the Alberta Curriculum
• Networking and relationship building to provide seamless and appropriate supports to clients


If you made a claim for compensation for abuse at Residential School, your RHSW Worker can help you decide what you want done with your claim records. You have 2 choices, Public Access at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation or Restricted Access.
Ask your RHSW Worker for more details.