Our History

NCSA was established in 1970 with the objective of providing Courtworker assistance to Aboriginal people in conflict with the law. NCSA recognized that Aboriginal people often feel alienated by legal and court procedures, and that they need support navigating the justice system. Since then NCSA has evolved to deliver programs and services as well as legal education, research, training and film production.

NCSA programs and services are designed and delivered for Aboriginal people, by Aboriginal people. NCSA is a non-profit, non-political organization that has no religious affiliations. It is registered under the Societies Act of Alberta, and provides most of its services to the public free of charge.

NCSA Board of Directors

The Members serve as a policy-making Board, while the management team is responsible for day-to-day operations of the agency. The Board of Directors, which meets quarterly, governs NCSA. There are six Board Members who are Métis, non-Status and Status Indians; they represent the main geographic areas of Alberta. The Members serve as a policy-making Board, who set the overall strategic direction of the agency.

The Senior Management Team

  • Dr. Allen Benson, Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Patti LaBoucane-Benson, Director of Research, Training & Communication
  • Claire Carefoot, Director of Correctional Services
  • Ian Thompson, Director of Finance
  • Robyn Scott, Director of Operations
  • Karen Erickson, Director of Family Services

Mission Statement

Native Counselling Services of Alberta’s Mission is to promote the resilience of the Aboriginal individual and family, through programs and services that are grounded in reclaiming our interconnectedness, reconciliation of relationships and self-determination.