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Indigenous Courtwork

Indigenous Courtwork Program

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Need help in court?

NCSA has Courtworkers in Court Houses across Alberta, are free of charge and can help Indigenous people with:

  • Criminal Court
  • Family Court
  • Youth Court
Contact A Courtworker

NCSA Courtworkers:

  • Explain charges and court procedure
  • Can speak for clients in Court
  • Give info on bail, adjournment, pleas, and sentencing (Criminal)
  • Give info on Children's Services investigations, Court Orders, Circle Processes (Family)
  • Youth Justice Committees and Extra Judicial Sanctions
  • Help with forms
  • Provide information on Legal Aid and Lawyers
  • Help clients understand court conditions and agreements

Make referrals to programs:

  • Treatment Centres
  • Parenting Programs
  • Life Skills
  • Education
  • Employment

Client Responsibilites:

  • Give Courtworker all information
  • Show up to Court on time
  • Show up to Appointments on time
  • Follow through on Court Conditions
  • Stay in contact with Courtworker

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